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I’ve been writing enticing and entertaining blogs, newsletters, website landing pages, SEO, and LinkedIn posts and profiles for about six years. I’ve also written video scripts, articles, interviews, press releases, case studies, brochures, and email marketing campaigns that have kept people coming back for more.

These projects have included the down-to-earth, fun, conversational tone of voice that I’m known for, but I’ve also adapted my tone of voice to seamlessly blend with my clients’ existing copy.

I also have a degree in English literature and creative writing, am a two-time self-published author, and I’m fully insured through Hiscox, so your copy and content are in safe hands with me.

When it comes to copywriting and content, I’m something of a chameleon.

Boring! get to the good stuff!

Right, that’s the professional guff out of the way. Time for the stuff that you really want to know about me. Stuff like, is he for real with that haircut?

I’m Ste Clarke (short for Steven), a freelance copywriter from the North West of England, and I’ve been enamoured with words ever since I picked up a copy of Stephen King’s The Shining, aged 10, and devoured it in a week.

Now, despite what the above photo may tell you, I’m a pretty approachable and amiable kind of bloke.

I love rock and synth music, going to live gigs, collecting vinyl, retro gaming, horror and sci-fi, all things John Carpenter, Bob Ross, the NFL, San Francisco, and good whisky (I did tell you I was a nerd).

Things on my bucket list include visiting Mexico for the Day of the Dead festival, sleeping in a glass dome under the Aurora Borealis, and learning how to play the drums.

Until then, I’m quite happy beavering away in my tiny man cave, surviving on a diet of decaf coffee, sarcasm, and pies.

So, if I sound like the kind of person that you’d like to work with, get in touch. Even if I’m not, I’m actually pretty good at this writing malarkey, so get in touch anyway.



Nerd alert!

8 bit chameleon

I love to write about anything that’s considered vaguely pop culture, geeky, cult, or outcast. Get in touch if you need any copywriting on the following subjects:

The Comma Chameleon - retro gaming - freelance copywriter

Retro gaming

The Comma Chameleon - 80s and 90s nostalgia

80s and 90s nostalgia

The Comma Chameleon - comics and cartoons- freelance copywriter

Comic and cartoons

The Comma Chameleon - superheroes


The Comma Chameleon - films


The Comma Chameleon - horror and science fiction- freelance copywriter

Horror and Sci-fi

The Comma Chameleon - music


The Comma Chameleon - gig reviews- freelance copywriter

Gig reviews

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