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the brain farts

  • The Power of Humour in Branding: How Laughter Can Take Your Brand To The Next Level
    Want your business to stand out from the crowd? Well, I’ve got news for you. Reading 1950’s Marketing Techniques for Dummies won’t cut the mustard anymore. But you know what might? Having a personality. There are very few subjects that can’t be made funny. Even death isn’t immune from a… read more
  • University Life: A rant
    On the 18th of July, after 7 long years, I passed my English Literature and Creative Writing degree. I’m the first Clarke in over four generations to have letters after their name. And I did it through a global pandemic, the loss of a parent, and the serious illness of… read more
  • how humour can increase your sales and brand loyalty
    As a copywriter, I keep getting told to hyperniche down on one particular subject, but I’ve got no interest in only writing about iridescent unicorns with three legs that can fart the national anthem perfectly in key through a kazoo. No, actually, that would be pretty cool! So instead of… read more

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