Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Ste who fancied himself as a novelist…

I’ll let you decide if the story ends happily ever after.

May I present to you:

a chameleon sitting in a comfy chair by a roaring fire

My Literary Babies

Beauty in Decay
The only respite Jimmy McIntyre has from his miserable reality is exploring and filming abandoned buildings for his YouTube channel. But Jimmy’s life is thrown into even further upheaval upon his discovery of a dead body - a body that he may or may not be responsible for…
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In the Trenches
A short screenplay inspired by a BBC competition, In the Trenches is the story of how two weary veterans on very different front lines tackle an age gap of 80 years, a global pandemic, isolation, and a blackbird.
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Sir, there's a Megalodon in the Hudson River!
This started out life as a university assignment. I enjoyed writing this silly little short story so much that I thought I'd let you enjoy it - for free.
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​Please note that clicking on Beauty in Decay and In the Trenches will redirect you to Free samples of the first few pages are available, but to read the story in full there will be a charge. However, if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited then both of these stories are free! You can read these stories on a Kindle or any device that supports the Kindle app.