Do you write free samples?

No, sorry! If you’re uncertain about whether I’m the right man for the job, give me something small to start with – a one-and-done project or a short blog – that way, we can see how well we work together with the smallest amount of risk possible. Take a look… read more

Why are freelance copywriters more expensive?

Copywriters base their fees on the amount of experience they have. Freelancers tend to have a traceable history of successful projects and proven skills, which is why they can charge more. When it comes to copy and content, I’ll say this; you definitely get what you pay for!

Will I have to put a deposit down?

If we haven’t worked together before, then I usually ask for a 50% deposit before I begin work. The balance will be due once the project is complete.

Do you charge by the hour?

No, I charge by the project. Why? Every project is unique, so it’s impossible to give a ‘catch-all’ price. I’ll give you a fully customised quote that will be inclusive of everything that I need to complete the project.

What copywriting services do you offer?

I specialise in blog writing, articles and interviews, LinkedIn profile optimisation, LinkedIn ghostwriting, and website landing page copy. However, I’ve also worked on things like video scripts, press releases, case studies, brochures, and email marketing campaigns. To see examples of projects I’ve worked on, go to my portfolio page or… read more