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Boost your chances of being hired with an optimised LinkedIn profile

If you think that a LinkedIn profile is unimportant, here are a few statistics that might make you think again:

The number of people with a LinkedIn profile.
The number of countries where LinkedIn is present.
The number of companies on LinkedIn.
The percentage of employers who check a candidate’s social media output before deciding whether to hire them or not.
The percentage increase in visibility of your LinkedIn profile and opportunities that can come your way if it's properly optimised.
The percentage of employers that use LinkedIn to hire people.

See what I mean?

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

If you want to vastly enhance your chances of being seen by your next employer, then optimising your LinkedIn profile isn’t a bad way to go about it! With a LinkedIn profile rewrite, I can:

🔥 Ensure your profile photo and banner are striking
🔥 Include a tagline that is keyword-searchable and tells people exactly what you do – all in under 5 seconds
🔥 An About Me section that people will actually want to read
🔥 A Featured section that shows off your greatest achievements or draws attention to goods and services you want to promote
🔥 A timeline of your career that is legible and enticing
🔥 A template of how to ask for recommendations that will boost your profile further


Andrew Gratton LinkedIn profile (before)


Andrew Gratton LinkedIn profile (after)

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile

If you want to be ahead of the game and give yourself the best possible chance of getting the job you want and deserve, then give me a holler to ask about how I can optimise your LinkedIn profile.

Oh, and be sure to ask me for a discount if I’m writing your CV for you at the same time!