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Well, come on in, friends, and warm your tootsies by the fire for a while!

Here’s a rough guide to what I charge for my copywriting and content writing services.

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The Comma Chameleon Copywriting Fees

Please note that all quoted prices are approximate, as I’ll give you a 100% tailored quote once I know more about the project or task you’d like me to work on.

I can work with you on a retained, set budget, one-and-done, contract, or ad-hoc basis – whatever you need!

(Click the tiles for more information on individual prices)

A 500 word blog
From £200
hire me
A 5-minute read interview or article
(approx 1000 - 1500 words)
From £400
hire me
LinkedIn Profile Rewrite and Optimisation
From £250
hire me
Website Landing Pages
From £200
(per page)
hire me
Website Copy Audit
From £300
hire me
Professional CV
From £250
hire me

Monthly retained copywriting packages

What do you gain by working with me on a retained basis?

🔥 A skilled copywriter (with 7 years of experience) at your disposal every month
🔥 Because I can write in loads of different formats, you save a fortune by not having to hire multiple writers
🔥 A consistent tone of voice
🔥 Work being produced faster (which is bound to keep your clients happy)
🔥 The ability to budget ahead
🔥 Additional time to work on the business that you never had before
🔥 Reduced stress levels
🔥 The ability to take on more, higher-paid projects in confidence
🔥 No need to go through the long, laborious process of interviewing for a permanent hire
🔥 A trusted person to go to with additional ad-hoc projects

The copywriting packages

That’s why I’ve put five set packages together. You can use me to work on your own copy needs or, if you’re an agency, to fulfil your client content obligations. I’m happy to swap out one of these services for something you need more of, so book a free call with me and let’s have a natter about what works best for you.

The "Backyard Kickaround" retained copywriting package

1 – The Backyard Kickaround

£400 per month

🔥 2 x short blogs per month (500 words each)
🔥 Keeps your website up-to-date with new content
🔥 Encourages Google to crawl and rank your site

save £100

2 – The College Jock

£700 per month

🔥 4 x short blogs per month (500 words each)
🔥 Keeps your website up-to-date with new content
🔥 Encourages Google to crawl and rank your site
🔥 Establish yourself as the go-to authority in your field
🔥 Maximises conversion opportunities

The "College Jock" retained copywriting package

The "rookie" retained copywriting package

3 – The Rookie

£1,400 per month

🔥 2 x longer blogs per month (between 500 and 1,500 words)
🔥 2 x case studies per month (interviews can be included) OR 1 x interview and article (approx 2,500 – 3,000 words)
🔥 2 x rounds of amendments
🔥 Fully researched with SEO keywords and headline analysis
🔥 2 x stock images or AI images (Firefly, Microsoft Designer, or MidJourney) supplied
🔥 60-minute kick-off call to discuss the projects
🔥 A monthly content strategy/Ideation document
🔥 A monthly call to review the previous month
🔥 Extracts provided for social media – LinkedIn or Facebook

most popular package

4 – The Veteran

£1,800 per month

Everything included in the Rookie package, plus:

🔥 1 x additional blog and case study per month OR 1 x additional interview and article (approx 2,500 – 3,000 words)
🔥 An additional round of edits
🔥 2 x additional stock or AI-generated images
🔥 An additional call mid-month to discuss blog content
🔥 10% discount on any additional work we do together

The "Veteran" retained copywriting package

The "Hall of Famer" retained copywriting package

5 – The Hall of Famer

£2,200 per month

Everything included in the Veteran package, plus:

🔥 2 x additional blogs and 2 x case studies
🔥 3 x rounds of edits for each blog, case study, or interview and article
🔥 4 x additional stock or AI-generated images
🔥 A 30-minute call each week to discuss
🔥 20% discount on any additional work we do together
🔥 10% referral fee paid for any direct introductions made to other potential clients

Set budget package

Desperately need good copywriting, but budget is an issue?

Hey, I get it.

It’s important to me to help out fellow small business owners, so if you’re just setting up your business or you’re an SME wanting to step up to the next level, then slink into my DMs, give me an idea of what the project is, and I’ll let you know what I can do to help with the budget you’ve got.

What’s included in my fees?

I don’t have a ‘day rate’ because I like to give you a tailored quote based on the project(s) you want me to work on.

Every project is different; that’s length, content, subject matter, ideal demographic, tone of voice, deadline, and so on, and all these things will influence how much work I have to do and how much I charge. This could include research, video calls, phone calls, SEO, revisions, and any other potential expenses, but I can promise you this; there’ll be NO HIDDEN FEES – EVER.

How do I work out my rates?

My prices are based on my knowledge of my craft, the experience I’ve gained working on a wide range of successful projects, and my ability to write both copy and content. I’ve also got a degree in creative writing, and I’m fully insured through Hiscox, so you’re guaranteed a professional experience with me.

The one-stop writing shop

I get a kick out of writing in different formats, so why hire loads of people from multiple agencies to write different aspects of your content and copy when I can do it all for you? You’ll benefit from discounted rates, the simplicity of having one easy-to-work-with, reliable writer, and a lower wage bill, too!

Questions? Ask Away!

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