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How does this sound?  

🔥 More time to concentrate on other parts of the business
🔥 No more panicking about what to write
🔥 A lower wage bill than employing a full-time writer
🔥 A consistent brand voice
🔥 Loyal customers and clients who shout about your brand
🔥 A website that pulls in more leads and converts them

Or, you could keep going as you are, taking headache tablets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and getting nowhere fast.

I can work with you on a retained, set budget, one-and-done, contract, or ad-hoc basis – whatever you need – so book a discovery call with me now, and you could be free of writing-related stress in less than an hour. 

What my clients say

“What can I say? Ste can take your brief and turn it into something magical. I recently hired him to put some punch in my copy (it was seriously lacking). I knew what to expect, but what I got back exceeded all my expectations. Ste is fantastic at what he does and professional too; he knew exactly how far to go with my brief.

If you’re looking for a copywriter who can understand what you need (maybe more than you do yourself), then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ste! He will nail it every time for you perfectly.”

Little Nerd Web Design - Louise Foster

Louise Foster
Little Nerd Web Design

“Highly recommend working with Ste; he is a creative writing star and an all-around good person. You’ll never be waiting around for Ste because he shows determination to get things done and follow through with his word in his offerings.

Ste helped level up and clarify a brilliant website About section that stands to the badass and unique voice I hold close to without compromise. So if you’re after solid copy that’ll save you from burnout – he’s your man!”

Badassery by B - Beatrice-Gutknecht

Beatrice Gutkneckt
Badassery by B

“Ste has been a delight to connect with and work with! I asked if Ste could look at my bio section on my LinkedIn profile and give me some thoughts about how it comes across, only to find an email in my inbox with two re-drafts of what I had initially written and reworked into literature BRILLIANCE.

It reflected who I am and stayed within my personal brand style, and of course, it wasn’t too businessy or stuffy. I cannot recommend the man enough; he was also receptive to my feedback and bloody prompt!”

Clara does Design - Clara Walton

Clara Walton
Clara Does Design

Funny Tone of voice

The percentage of consumers who are more likely to remember funny ads.
The percentage of people who said they would open a brand’s email if the subject line were funnier.
The percentage of consumers who would buy again from a brand that embraced humour and would also recommend it to others.


Copy and content can be funny, cheeky, sarcastic, wacky, irreverent, informal, or conversational and still bring home the bacon. It’s extremely effective at creating a captive audience and growing it.

But why?

People feel super comfortable interacting with it because it’s familiar. It’s like a pair of slippers, their favourite mug, or a half-blind old dog that looks surprised when it farts. No matter what your background is or where you are in the world, funny copy makes people feel good.

That’s why the old saying, ‘People buy from people they like,’ is so true.

Read my blog to find out more about why humour is such an effective marketing and brand tool.

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a chameleon with red spiky hair sitting at a desk reading the paper

Layman’s terms

Ever read something that was so complex that you were lost after the first sentence? Yep, me too, which is why I like to use the above writing techniques to take your industry’s complicated jargon and explain it in layman’s terms. If your technical copy reads more like a game of random Scrabble tiles than English, hit me up and let me have a crack at making it legible to the Average Joe (or Jolene).

360-degree creative coverage

Having great copy and content is one thing, but if the visual presentation of it is shoddy, then it’s all for nothing. That’s why I also work with a superb bunch of people in affiliated sectors, such as web design, graphic design, PPC, branding, and videography. If you need any of these services to make your shiny new content and copy really pop, then give me a holler and I’ll rifle through my Rolodex to find the right person to help.

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