Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for The Comma Chameleon

Okay, serious face on for a minute. I’m chuffed that you’d like to work with me, but we have to establish a couple of ground rules first. I know, I know, borrrriiinnngg, but they’re to protect you as much as me.

1.Terms of service

1.1 Definitions

Services are offered subject to your acceptance, without modification, of all of the Terms contained here, and all other operating rules, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time by The Comma Chameleon (collectively, “the Agreement”). Terms will apply to any upgrades to the website, services or products.

In the Agreement, “the Copywriter”, “The Comma Chameleon” and “I” refer to Ste Clarke. Any reference to “you” refers to anyone engaging the Copywriter’s services as a client (“the Client”).

2. Standard terms included in Contract for copywriting services

2.1 Before we work together

As the Client, you acknowledge that you have agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, and any additional Terms and Conditions agreed to in a signed Contract.

Work on any copywriting project shall not begin until a Contract has been signed by both parties and the deposit amount specified in that Contract has been paid. Specific deliverables, milestones, payment terms, and working arrangements shall be detailed in the signed Contract.

I may be stating the obvious here, but I can only begin my work once I’ve got everything that I need to start. This could include everything from an informative brief to contact details, source material, constructive feedback, examples of where to draw inspiration from, or a monetary deposit.

If I don’t have what I need to start the project (or if you’re slow in coming back to me with what I need) then I can’t be blamed for deadlines not being hit.

2.2 Changes and revisions

The fee that I charge you is inclusive of the time I’ll need to make the changes noted below. Every project, regardless of size or complexity, will be entitled to:

  • Delivery of a first draft – as described in the original brief.
  • ONE round of edits – this is the equivalent of up to 10% of the copy (as described in the brief that I was given originally).
  • ONE round of tweaking – final little nips and tucks to trim any fat off.

These terms apply while the project is still live. Once my work has been signed off by the relevant person, published, or uploaded to a live website, I consider the job completed and will not make any more changes to it. That being said, If you want me to make additional edits outside the remit of the original job, I’m happy to do this but it will be charged separately. This will cost £50 per hour.

2.3 Compensation

I will issue an invoice for a deposit of 50% of the project fee (or a specified number of days for day-rate projects) before work begins. The remainder is payable after the final copy is sent to the Client. Fees are not subject to VAT.

Once I have submitted a draft (irrespective of whether this is a first draft, second edit, or tweaks), if I’ve not had any response from you within two weeks, I’ll take this as a sign that you’re happy with what I’ve produced and send you my invoice for services now complete.

Payment is due within 14 days of the invoice being issued unless otherwise agreed, by BACS transfer as detailed on the invoice. Late payment may be subject to interest being added daily at 3% above the current Bank of England base rate.

2.4 Cancellation and delays

I expect to work in partnership with the Client. I will not be responsible for any missed deadlines if information, feedback, or payments have not been provided by the agreed dates. It’s helpful if the Client allocates responsibility for all communications to one person within their team or organisation, if possible.

I reserve the right to apply a ‘pause fee’ equal to 10% of the total project fee if information or feedback required from the Client is not provided within agreed deadlines in order to restart the project at a later date.

I am not responsible for deadlines missed due to circumstances completely beyond my control, like family emergencies, floods, war, cats taking over as our Lords and Masters, and so on. Our Contract may be cancelled in writing by either party at any time with 5 business days’ notice. If the Contract is cancelled, the deposit may be retained, and additional payments may be required to cover the work done up to that point.

Any proposed changes to the scope of work, which may result in changes to the timeline, may incur additional fees.

2.5 Confidentiality and copyright

When all outstanding balances for copywriting services are paid in full, copyright and ownership of the work produced are transferred to the Client. The Client cannot use the copy or related materials provided under the terms of the contract until full payment is received.

I reserve the right to discuss, display, and link to the completed project in marketing materials and case studies. At no time will business-sensitive or personal data be shared unless expressly agreed.

Every effort will be made to ensure all facts and statements in the work are true and don’t infringe upon any copyright or other right of a third party.

2.6 Indemnity

By using my services, you agree to indemnify me against any claim, including that of a third party, for compensation or damages resulting from the use of my written material or from unsought permissions to use my material.

I will not be liable to the Client or any other party for damages, including lost profits or revenue, lost savings, complaints, claims, litigation, or other incidental, consequential, or special damages that arise regarding this project, after acceptance of the work by the Client.

Any questions?

No probs! Hit me up, and we’ll have a chinwag about it.


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