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Black Lodge Potions

Black Lodge Potions is an independent brewery specialising in flavoured gins. Their products are inspired by all things spooky; think Twin Peaks, The X-Files, The Outer Limits, and Hammer Horror movies, and you’re about there. While the imagery on the site represented that perfectly, the copy was letting the side down. 

There were no keywords, the user experience needed to be improved, and the brand story needed to be clearer. I honed in on the idea of the Black Lodge being a real place that had stood for thousands of years, portraying the distillers as mad monks, ghosts, and witches to create a story around the brand that would be engaging, entertaining, and humorous. 

To see how this story has elevated their brand to the next level, click the link below (just don’t aggravate the poltergeist who lives on the homepage…)

Black Lodge Potions
Little Nerd Web Design

Little Nerd Web Design

Louise decided that she was sick of her web design site not representing who she really was. The original site played it safe; pastel colours; straightlaced copy; boring. Basically, everything she’s not. 

So, we set to work to bring out her true personality. A Yorkshire lass with blue hair, a silly sense of humour, and a love for all things rock music, retro gaming, and witchcraft.

And the business hasn’t looked back since.

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