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I’m Ste Clarke, The Comma Chameleon and I’m a freelance copywriter near Manchester. My ‘anything you need’ copywriting packages can reduce stress, give you back precious lost time to grow your business, and drastically lower your wage bill.

Like all good chameleons, I’m adaptable to my environment, so I can write blogs, articles and interviews, website copy, press releases, and case studies that seamlessly blend in with your existing tone of voice, or I can give you an exciting new one.

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Ste Clarke - freelance copywriter near Manchester

What copywriting problem can I solve for you?

The Comma Chameleon - blogs


Blogs generate leads, increase conversions, and blow your brand exposure into the stratosphere. Once I get my mitts on it, your blog content will be slicker than a greased eel.

CV rewrites

CV rewrite

Life’s too damn short to stay in a job you hate. Let me work my magic on your CV, and you’ll soon be handing in your notice to go and work somewhere that lights you up inside.

The Comma Chameleon - LinkedIn profile optimisation

Linkedin Optimisation

Combine a LinkedIn profile rewrite with LI posts chock full of PERSONALITY (personal OR business) and you’ve got a surefire way of building a valuable customer and client base.

The Comma Chameleon - articles

Articles & Interviews

Long-form copywriting that captivates your audience and leaves them wanting more. Whether you need me to conduct an interview for a website or a publication, I’m your guy.

The Comma Chameleon - website copy and content

website copy

Your website copy and content doesn’t have to be drier than cinnamon-flavoured cardboard. Use fun and flair to sell your products and services, and your brand’s reach will E-X-P-L-O-D-E.

Website copy audit icon

website copy audit

If Britpop was en vogue the last time you checked your website copy, then it’s probably time for a refresh. Let me give it the once over to bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. 

A chameleon wearing an old white wig trying to find his voice by writing

Let’s find your voice

You don’t need to spend hours chained to a desk stressing about your copy and content.

That’s my job!

For a very reasonable fee, I’ll take all that pesky writing off your To Do list, freeing you up to do things you enjoy more.

Like defrosting the freezer.

quit the shit

Listen, friends; by having stale, unimaginative copy and content that blends into the background on your social media, website, and marketing material, you’re alienating people from buying your products and services AND cheating yourself out of a big chunk of money too. Seriously, you might as well just set up a direct debit and pay your competitors’ bills for them.

The solution?

Come and see me! We’ll chase away the grey and replace it with words so colourful, vibrant, and full of personality that they’ll leave your brand looking like the written equivalent of Handsome Squidward.

The Comma Chameleon - freelance copywriter near Manchester

The Chronicle Chameleon

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The Comma Chameleon - freelance copywriter near Manchester

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